-Carl Sagan

"A book is proof that humans are capable of magic."

I'm delighted to welcome you here and share some of the things I love, works I've written, and a bit about myself. I believe stories are one of those unique human creations that allow us to time travel, meet new people, see new places, live any life, learn practically anything, and explore our beliefs about the world and ourselves. As a fiction writer, I try to introduce you to characters you'd want as friends in worlds where there is just a touch of the strange. I'm also invested in supporting writers to share their ideas and perspectives with the world.

Fiction is one of
the best parts of reality

When Hannah Cliffton returns to her childhood home in Devil's Creek, Montana, she expects to put her late grandfather's affairs in order and go back to her life in NYC. But when a man from her past, Ever Whelan, and a brood of scheming vampires complicate everything, Hannah must decide if she can let go of her anger for love and discover if she has what it takes to protect the family homestead.

Romance blooms under a supernatural moon

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